Saturday, 1 December 2012

Au Revoir Nadira Hanum

You must be asking who's that chick? Its Nadira a.k.a Nad, my cousin. She's like my big sistah yaw. She's my life saviour. She's my almost everything. Im writing this post as she's in Korea now to further her studies. Although its just for 4 months, but it feels like 3 years. Eceh. No seriously, because we would always meet, at least once a week to just keep in touch about what's new in life and dramas, yknow, gal talk. She's the most patient, caring, loving, humble person ever on this earth. Andddd not to forget of course pretty, hot, cute and Sexay~ She helped me a lot in gettin through with my problems in life. Keeping me safe and sound. She knows me like no one know bout me. She's been a big influence in my life since forever. In music perspectives, food, movies, etc. Nad have this accent that we love to mock. HEHE. And I will miss that dearly. :( Nad, I know you're reading this, I love you so much from the bottom my heart. Im sorry for all my wrong doings. And thank you for believing me for all this years. You bring out the best in me. And Im not goin to worry about you in Korea because I know you're an independent gal with a big heart to share to the world. Goodluck for your studies and Have Fun! *kening kening. We love you Nad!!

Ps: If got jejantans my taste sila la bawa pulang ke Malaysia. HEHE

The Kuzens

I wish
That we
Could somehow freeze the frame
But this isn't the silver screen, no... 

( Lianne la havas, Au Cinema)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

See You Go

And if you change
It might be to late
I might not feel the same
About you

Not another day
Will I be a fool

(Yuna, Stay)

We've been friends for a long time. But it fell apart. It started when you start to lie. And lie and more lies. It hurts when I found it out myself. Especially if its through my instincts. And through my friend's eyes. You were giving me lies to cover up things, and I was blinded by your sweet words and your so called 'love'. I've cried too much, hurt too much by you. You are not you. I've lost my trust for you. I guess I was wrong the whole time. What a fool I was. But then your actions had me stop falling. I've been thinking really hard each day. Praying to Allah asking if you're my jodoh, then dekatkan I, but if you're not, then jauhkan. And what I can see now, you're far from me. What we built for all of this years, vanished. Just like that. But its all in the past and I dont want to go back to it anymore.Well, THANK YOU SO MUCH for messing up. Showing me your true colours. Cause if not, I've would been wasting more time, tears, love for you. Now, Im happier without you. I dont need you.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Femes Emes

Perhatian: Apabila dah 5 bulan blog terbiar, jadi bila nak tulis dia berterabus sikit.

Femes Emes stands for Famous Amos. Working experience for a month in Famous Amos has been one of the most unforgetable moments in my life. Lots of things I've discovered during this particular period, new acquaintance and new skills. Skills ke? The first thing I thought to myself before I worked in Famous is that woking there would be awesome since you can eat the cookies for Fuhreee. But I thought wrong, I mean yeah, of course I got free cookies but the work is a no joke. No joke. Its not worth it to work there. The amount of work is double the pay. *Memang kerja dekat Food and Beverages memang penat, bukan Famous Amos only #mukaserious* But since I don't mind about the pay that much, I've decided to work there to gain new experience.Okay tak, I was too despo, I couldnt find any other jobs for that moment. I need MONEY for my trip. haha. BUT guess what? I've gain more than an experience, its a journey. Journey in turning over a new leaf, a new Zalikha.

I've learned that life is not an easy thing. That although you have high education, you can't go far without one thing, diligence. Kau tak rajin, kau tak boleh pergi mana bro. You have got to be diligent in learning new things, to lower down yourself, be humble to the world. You can't be like yeah, 'Im the best man here'. Nope, you aren't when you're still new at something. Frankly speaking, the first day I worked there, after a few hours, I literally fainted because of the new environment; the heat and the smell. You must be like 'WHAA, cookies smells good what? " Yes,but if you smell it for a long period, it can gives you an obnoxious feeling to your throat. No kidding. *Sambung* So I fainted on the floor. God knows how embarassed I was. Dude, I was surrounded by the workers who are 98% men. Lagi lagi foreigners. WOKAYH. Next, Communication. Alaa I think you guys now that when we hear about Famous Amos, the first thing comes up to your mind is Bangla. KAN KAN, jangan tipu wehhh. It may sound racist, but its True. So yeah, kerja sana memang aku cakap pun dah macam Bangla dah weh. Hoho. Habis saham jatuh nyoh. But somehow I loike those Banglas better than Malays BECAUSE in a way that they don't take advantage towards you. They know the boundaries, BUT one thing I dont loike is that they think they can get girls by treats. Belanja yknow. Saya tak suka ambil advantage terhadap orang lain. ECEH, poyos. Pastu dah belanja orang, then minta orang belanja balik. Macam tak ikhlas ye dok~ K. Yknow what Im saying. EH tak tak, aku tak angau dengan Bangla eh. Don't over think too much.

New acquaintance, most of them I met in the surau. *Eceh, terus keluar cahaya nurani. :p* Some I met in the lift. There are a few juga, yang paling rapat is this one girl working at Kenny Rogers. Then one of them is a Starbuck's worker. There are a lot of customers juga yang friendly. Yang I still contact till today is this one customer. She's 24 years old. She went to Famous to buy things for her engangement ceremony. Since she's the only one yang shop on that Friday morn. So we had a casual talk then it turn out that she had a lot in common with me. Her interest in education and perspective towards things. After she paid, dengan stylenya, She gave me her business card. I can still remember her dialogue till today. "Kalau free ke apa nak lepak, just call la" PERGH. Style weh. And guess what we've met a couple of times and it feels as if we've known each other since Azali. Amboi.

Ps: Nak kurangkan stress bekerja, senyum selalu. Tapi jangan senyum tak bertempat, nanti orang kata kau GILA.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


People said love is blind. Is it true? I guess it is. Why do I say so? This is not just because I heard bout it, its because, I've seen it. It occured to people that are close to me. My definition of love is blind here is NOT because people fall in love from their physical perspective. This is when a girl gives the guy chances although there shouldnt be. When the guy just loves her for his beneficial. Not because He loves loves her like 'I wanna make you my wife' , 'I love you not because of your looks BUT because of your inner soul' . SEE, The signs are obvious but the girl ignores it, because the girl loves him so much. That although she's hurt inside so badly, but half of her heart cant accept the fact that he is just not for her. I believe in second chances, But there are BOUNDARIES to it. If you know what i mean. You have to know when there are times that the situation can be considerated or just "Terang Lagi Bersuluh" theres no need for consideration. I know that readers will have this thought of " Eleh, kau tak kena lagi, bolehla berkata sedemikian, orang yang dah kena ni sahaja yg tahu" But what Im emphasizing here is the most important thing is Follow your heart and trust your insticts. Its your choice whether to do what ever you want. Try to think of this, what IF in the early days of the relationship (beberapa bulan/tahun sebelum berkahwin bukan hari ye) we can see that things arent goin that well, lots of unneccesary arguments, we should try to oversee the future of the relationship. In my opinion what is the purpose of a relationship If we knew that we wont marry them in the future. What for the waste of time, tears, energy and most importante our love. I know WE ARE YOUNG, So lets set the world on fire; EH? Okay, what I know is you guys would be thinking 'ALA, lepak la, we are still young, who's talking about marriage yet. Chill la bro. We are just having fun' Say, what if WHAT IF you got Preggie (Nau'zubillah) , and the guy responsible for it is not just the right father /husband figure that you've imagined. A douchebag to be specific. Just think about it Girls. Because unimaginable/ unthinkable things just happen.
PS : Dont cry over spilt milk.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


who is she? she is one of my awesomest friend I met here in Lendu,.Nama saudari, Wazeerah Azmi. Nama dia awesome kan. Very Rare. I like to call her with a variety of nicknames. Some of it, Waz, weezer, wajee, Zee ala Zee Avi tu. haha. This is a Belated Birthday entry for her (actually sepatutnya advanced but got technical problem here and there.sorry). She turned 19 semalam on 18th Feb! Yeap,sama mcm Sofeana. Sebabs tu i ckp diorang ada byk in common. And diorang ni cantiks sebab both of them have that extra sweetness on their face (klau tgk gamba anda akan tahu) that makes her ONE IN A MILLION.(i tahu you akan marah but yes its terue) Well, a lot of people gets mistaken for me being her room-mate, classmate,old schoolmate but we are just like mates on a same level BUT we share a mother daughter bond. Eh? Yeah, im like her mother. Yes, I have two kids here in Lendu. Wazeerah and Farah. (Walaupun ternyata I lagi muda kalau ikut bulan,but yeah). The Father? oh tak lain tak bukan Ryan Gosling. Bagi yg tidak tahu, mustahil tak tahu, he acted in The Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love. Back to the storayh, we share the same hobby. WE love to sing. Sampai ada one time tu, every night, LEMME REPEAT every night eh we karaok through youtube. God suara dia ,suara dia, Like Ziana Zain (minus the kening kening) . AWESOME. :) And and shes a racer.  Oh ya and she's my sifu in driving. Ihiks.Last but not so least, she is a very strong, patient person, teramat. i admire her a lot. Its like i've known her like forever. okay exaggerate kat situ. Okay, it feels as if mcm dah kenal bertahun tahun TAPI sedangkan baru 10 bulan yeah anak2. PS: I rindu our deep conversation. :'(

You and I must make a pact
We must bring salvation back,
Where there is love, I'll be there

I'll be there to protect you,
With unselfish love that respects you.
I'll be there with a love that's strong,
I'll be your strength,
I'll keep holdin' on.

If you should ever find someone new
I know he better be good to you
Cause if he doesn't
I'll be there 

(I'll be There Jackson 5)

                                                         I love you Wazeerah Azmi. <3

                                                    Happy Belated Birthday Babe!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Nur Sofeana Zulaika Munawar. We've been friends since standard 4. I am really fortunate to have a friend like her. Shes SUPER SOMETHING . We share a lot of common interests. After spm PERGH bergayut mcm couple bai.( kalah couple tau). sampai je bil telephong kat rumah, pengsan mak bapak kena BAYAU (bayar) .But every second we talked it was worth it. I really miss those times because we have nothing to do but just relax. SHE IS EFFIN AWESOME( I know ulang byk kali but i dont care). Cantiks, pandais, she likes to smile a lot. Sometimes i cant figure out whether she is happy or moody. so yeah, i LOVE to bully her. Well i used to, til she's good in bullying other people , KAN MAKCIK?. So im writing bout her because Im very FLATTERED to have such a good/awesome friend like her ,more to a big sister for me actually and guess what SHE'S TURNING 19 this 18th feb! So this is an early birthday entry just for you. :) SO yeah, I love you so effin much and i hope that our friendship would last dunia akhirat .AMIN. Alhamdulillah, she's now in a BIG changing process towards a straighter pathway as a Muslimah. Im very proud of her. I hope that one day i will have the same kesedaran she has. InsyaAllah. She never talks bad about others, she would even avoid to hear anyhting bad about others. So when im with her, Im The Goodie Zalikha. Idk how you do it babe, but keeping up with my craps for all these 9 years (and still counting) , that takes a lot of PATIENCE and DETERMINATION. Seriously. Guys, if you ever hurt her, I will cut your balls off. Im not kidding. What i know is, she's going to be the most Awesomest mother in the future.

I'll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Every day I will remind you

Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me 'cause I can count on you 

(Count on me Bruno Mars)

I can never ever find anotha someone like you :')

Tak habis lagi sebenarnya cerita dia. On the 24th Jan, I went to Puncak Alam to send my other half Sofeana back to her university, UITM puncak alam a.k.a PALAM. It was my third time to Palam, so takdela teruja mana. BUT i was teruja to go up on The infamous 'Tangga Batu Caves in Palam' . Our journey starts from subang then to Puchong, sofeana's house to take her prom dress and her shoes for her upcoming foundation dinner. Later we went to Palam and met Wazee near Mcdonald Palam. Then, Wazee's friends, Ali and Musadiq joined us for lunch at Mcdai. After lunch, specifically after i ate my tiramisu cake , Wazee and i went up to the Infamous 'Tangga Batu Caves Palam' or I called it 'Tangga Yg Boleh Menguruskan Badan Anda dlm masa 90 hari' . Enjoy the pictures. :) PS: I tabik you Palam-ers yg mendaki tangga itu saban hari untuk menuntut ilmu. TAHNIAH.

Sofeana's Home sweet Home 

Wazee (aint she cute :')) with Ali and Musadiq

Tangga Batu Caves Palam
Di Mcdai with Ali ( the white t-shirt) and Musadiq (the red t-shirt

Bersama The 18th Babies (Sofeana and Wazee) . Yes,they do have a lot in common. :)

Happy Advanced Birthday Again Baby. :*
Ps: Hadiah anda, akan tiba tak lama lagi. :p

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


FRIENDS.They come and go. Its a fact. I guess people were right about the phrase. I cant remember that well but it sounded something like this 'stranger, friends, best friends, stranger again' . I can refer to this phrase since i've experienced it. I guess this is all a part of life. we make friends, we lose them, some stay, some leave. but, recently, I lost a friend whom i thought our friendship will last longer since we've been through A LOT. But, I accept it as Qada and Qadar. I guess Allah has better plans for me. Although i cant seem to figure it out yet, but yeah, soon. Its not that I dont want to accept our friendship is over, its just that the way she ended it. I know we are just friends not a couple, but the way she ended it was irrational. I tried to figure out what i've done but yeah we are human, we make mistakes and sometimes, we dont even know it. We need to be told if we did, because there's no other way to figure it out yourself , its Imposible . It started two months ago. I admitted that we kinda lost contact for a few months, because both of us were too busy with studies. Since we drifted apart, i tried my best to contact them whenever i have the time and CREDIT. Sometimes, its just I need them to contact me first. its not a matter of 'asyik kredit aku je' NO, its about 'are you thinking of me the same way i think of you?'. OKAY EMO SEBENTAR. 

          Back to the storayh, both of us did not contact each other for a few months, and I remembered i texted her. but there was no reply. Lastly on my birthday, I texted her. She replied a short message. I was very happy to hear about her finally.BUT it ended there. Then I called her a few times, but yeah same old thing, no reply, Until one day, i opened my facebook. i tried to find her, but i cant. At first i thought she deactivated her fb, and later, i asked my old friends. Finally i got to know that she blocked me. I was speechless. it was beyond my expectation. I was like "Dude, like what, why?!  What did i do to you? Wadafuk?' And the best part was, the week i knew about this, it was a really bad week for me. It was one of my worst weeks in 2012. There was a lot of drama here and there. And to digest this into my head consumed a lot of thinking. So, uban sudah keluar. OKAY TAK.  If you are reading this, i hope that you know how much i effin miss you. If you could, PLEASE lemme know the reasons, the mistakes I've done to you that made you to do this. I would like to say IM SORRY for everything and i'll pray for your success. *Hanya Allah yg tahu betapa sayangnya aku dekat kau.

When will I see you again?
You left with no goodbye,
Not a single word was said,
No final kiss to seal any seams,
I had no idea of the state we were in,

I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness,
And a wandering eye, and heaviness in my head

When was the last time you thought of me?
Or have you completely erased me from your memory?
I often think about where I went wrong,
The more I do, the less I know,

And hoped that you'd find the missing piece,
To bring you back to me,